Driver’s license suspension for drug offenses

§ 56-1-745, which suspends a defendant’s driver’s license following a conviction for any drug offense, has been repealed by H – 3668, which was signed into law on April 12, 2011. The SCDMV is still suspending licenses for arrests that occurred before April 12, even if the conviction was after, but any arrest that occurs after April 12 will no longer result in a driver’s license suspension.
Suspension of driver’s licenses has no rational relation to enforcement of the drug laws, and this is a positive development. We already have a law criminalizing driving under the influence, which applies equally to consumption of alcohol or drugs, and which appropriately results in a license suspension following conviction. Suspension of driver licenses for drug possession causes unnecessary hardship for countless numbers of people and it has no relation to driving offenses unless the person was also charged with DUI.

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