Local officers who have moved on

I’ve begun compiling a list of local officers who have left law enforcement, gone to other agencies, been fired for misconduct, etc. I’ll create a category for this post on the side bar so it can be easily found and updated, and would appreciate anyone who can send updates, additions, or corrections. It would help to know if the officer is employed at another local agency, or the details of their separation from employment if it was for misconduct.
I believe that prosecutors or police supervisors have an obligation under Brady to inform us if they do not have a witness available to prosecute a case, but some apparently disagree and will attempt to get a defendant to plead up until the morning of trial when their bluff is called.
Note that some officers are simply on leave for the military or other reasons, and some have moved to other police departments which means they may or may not be returning to prosecute their cases. Rely on this list at your own risk.
Horry County:

  • Bergeon, R. Conway
  • Bordner HCPD – now employed at Atlantic Beach PD
  • Bridges SCHP – charged with leaving the scene of an accident Dec 2012
  • Burgess HCPD – overseas, may return
  • Burgos SCHP – military leave
  • Conklin SCHP
  • Daly, Sean Surfside Beach
  • Edwards Conway – charged with CDV December 2012
  • Euhinger Conway – now at CCU
  • Fleming Conway – now at CCU
  • Fogle HCPD – now at CCU
  • Ford, Ken SCHP
  • Gonska HCPD – charged with CDV Jan 2011
  • Gross, Adam HCPD
  • Harris, Wesley HCPD – convicted of obtaining goods by false pretense
  • Koch, J. CCU
  • McComas Conway
  • McCoy Conway
  • McDowell Conway – now at CCU
  • McLendon, Charles – charged with CDV and misconduct in office December 2012
  • Parker HCPD – charged with DUI Jan 2011
  • Rexroad, D. HCPD – convicted of obtaining goods by false pretense
  • Rogers, Doug SCHP
  • Simmons SCHP – military leave
  • Watford, Heath CCU – now at Conway City
  • Camp, Gregory HCPD

Georgetown County:

  • Causey, Chad GCSO


6 Responses to “Local officers who have moved on

  • Paul Curry
    8 years ago

    Can we create a separate sub-category, just for Town of Atlantic Beach former LEOs?

  • Paul Curry
    8 years ago

    I highly recommend The (Charleston) Post & Courier series entitled “Tarnished Badges,” concerning problem officers being re-hired by other agencies.

  • Officer Watford is now working for the Conway Police dept, Mcdowel, Flemming, Fogel and Eulinger all work for CCU Police Dept.

  • Sean is with a Sheriffs Office in Ohio.

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