$1 million verdict against Missouri prosecutor

A jury in Texas County, Missouri, returned a verdict of one million dollars against Texas County Prosecutor Mike Anderson on behalf of a court clerk who sued for malicious prosecution and abuse of process after she was targeted, harassed, and sued by the county prosecutor.

“It’s a case of bullying, I think…a big man over a little person and she’s been harmed. You could tell that.”

The allegations arose following Anderson’s harassment of another court clerk who subsequently quit her job and later settled a lawsuit against Anderson in federal court. I suppose the lesson here is that a prosecutor can lie, cheat, and put on perjured testimony to secure convictions with impunity, without fear of lawsuit, prosecution, or in many cases disciplinary action, but – you do not have impunity when it comes to your dealings outside of the role of prosecutor. Bravo to these courthouse employees and their attorneys for fighting back.

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  • The lesson is you never, ever mess with a clerk. Every lawyer, even prosecutors, must be friendly, courteous and respectful to a clerk.

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