Wake Up

From the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh a few days ago, riot police gassing and beating unarmed kids. Why are we so afraid of dissent? From what I understand, the city attempted to shut down the entire downtown area in advance of the summit. During the riot, some of the protesters did break windows and rolled trash bins down the road at the police. Could they have arrested the few that were engaging in vandalism instead of attacking willy-nilly everyone who stepped into the street and random University of Pittsburgh students?
Isn’t the anger of the vandals/ self described anarchists fueled by the violence of those in power? I’m wondering if a man can strap on riot-gear, have license to throw tear-gas canisters, carry a stick, and still feel or show compassion for the unarmed children standing in front of him. What about if they are wielding cameras and shouting at him?

CNN reporter tear-gassed:

Trophy – police pose for photo with arrested youth kneeling in front?:
Update: within 24 hours of this post, the following video was removed from Youtube for “terms of use violation.” Here’s another source:

Update: edited and added new videos, as Youtube has removed some for “terms of use violation.” I-Report has more video.

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