The pervasiveness of police misconduct

In general, the public believes that police and prosecutors are honest, upstanding, and can do no wrong. Understandably – I want to believe the same thing, except that in my job I see examples of the opposite on a regular basis. Police are human beings – they are subject to the same emotions and failings as every other person except that they are magnified for some because they have been placed in a position of power.
When the public sees a news report of police misconduct they brush it off as an isolated incident. Many people choose not to believe that police or prosecutors break the law or trample on the rights of citizens. That is why the efforts of Packratt at Injustice Everywhere are so important. The Injustice Newsfeed provides a steady stream of news articles from across the nation reporting on police misconduct, and the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project generates statistical and trending information based on the media reports.
I’m not aware of any other organization compiling information on police misconduct, including the government. The first step to fixing any problem is acknowledging that it exists.

Police misconduct, accountability, and transparency are issues that affect everyone in the US. The more information we have about these issues, the more we can do to help law enforcement agencies improve how they interact with the communities they are entrusted to protect and serve and, in doing so, help build better relationships of trust between the community and law enforcement agencies.

I note that Injustice Everywhere has a button on the front page for donations – it is a large time commitment to do what he is doing and, although it is no doubt a fun hobby, it will not hurt to contribute in a small amount if you appreciate the need for this project.

2 Responses to “The pervasiveness of police misconduct

  • Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  • I have a comment about our state troopers. My husband had a GRAVE injustice done to him. He had been on a highway for 1 mile and got into the left lane to pass, traffic was heavy and the right lane was going 40 the left 59. A trooper came flying up behind him with no lights on, and then turned them on to pull him over. He wrote him a ticket for going 82 in a 65. He said he’d been following for 3-4 miles. That was impossible because my husband had just gotten on the highway! It also was impossible to go over 59 as traffic was on a highway entrance / exit near a mall on a Saturday. There was no radar reading, nor video. It gets worse, we got an attorney and the jury was made up of older people who still think all cops tell the truth all the time. The man lied and the jury believed him! The judge couldn’t even believe it. This has soured me to all police officers. The man was small and obviously insecure. I’m so angry but there is NOTHING I can do. Now we will have higher insurance rates and 4 points on his license. FOR NOTHING…. THis is so unfair. If you ever get pulled over by a state trooper in Spartanburg county be prepared to get a ticket so he can make his quota. I would write his name here but would be concerned about retaliation. I never used to be paranoid…

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