South Carolina police misconduct update

An Iva, S.C. (Anderson County) police officer was charged last month with two counts of assault and battery 2nd degree.
The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is investigating the Town of Santee in two separate cases, one involving unspecified misconduct by a Santee police officer. The current investigations may or may not be related to earlier announced investigations regarding town employee misconduct and allegations of election fraud.
Former Anderson County sheriff’s deputy Brent Moore has been indicted following allegations that he was “taking bribes in return for favors on traffic violations.”
Former Belton, S.C. police officer David Suratt was convicted of kidnapping . . . and sentenced to one year home detention followed by five years probation. Suratt apparently attacked his ex-fiance, while in his police uniform, held her at gunpoint, and struck her in the abdomen. She was seven weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage following the attack. In exchange for his plea to kidnapping with no prison time, the additional charges of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature (CDVHAN) and death or bodily injury to a child in utero during the commission of a violent crime were dismissed.
A Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested and charged with threatening his wife on the telephone.
Not in S.C., but a NYC police officer was arrested for drunk driving after he was seen staggering at a Dunkin Donuts. Couldn’t pass it up.
H/T Injustice Newsfeed
This is old news, but a former Spartanburg magistrate was charged in October with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and cocaine, in an ongoing case where the former Spartanburg Clerk of Court and others had already been charged in the conspiracy.

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  • “A Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested and charged with threatening his wife on the telephone.”
    Thanks for posting; it’s incredible that such law officers are getting charged with crimes like that. Hopefully, the charges are false ones.
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