Smart phone app allows users to record police encounters in “stealth mode”

The ACLU has released a smart phone app that is designed to allow users to record police encounters, with either video or audio, undetected.

The ACLU’s Alexander Shalom said the app is easy to use.

“There’s really only three buttons that the user needs to deal with,” Shalom said. “There’s a know your rights button that educates the citizen about their rights when encountering police on the street, in a car, in their home or when they’re going to be placed under arrest, and there’s a button to record audio and a button to record video.”

The stealth mode hides the fact that the phone is recording, and also makes it more difficult to find and delete the files, if the recording is discovered – according to a video that the NJ ACLU made describing the app, the files are automatically sent to an external server where they can be reviewed for instances of police misconduct.

The app is only available for the Android right now, but hopefully an iPhone app will be completed soon as well.  I believe there are other “stealth” recording apps for iPhone, but what makes the ACLU’s app different is the fact that the files are sent to a remote server – if a person is caught recording police misconduct, the first thing that happens is their phone gets confiscated and/or smashed by the officers involved, which could make it impossible to retrieve the recording.

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