S.C. police misconduct update

An Aiken County deputy shot and killed a 15 year old, arthritic german shepherd with no teeth. Clearly in self defense. “The deputy has to come home safe and the dog had to be stopped,” said Cpt. Troy Elwell with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.”
A Cottageville police officer who shot and killed the town’s former mayor has been laid off from his job . . . due to budget constraints. The officer apparently has been fired from four prior law enforcement jobs, for unsafe driving, domestic violence, insubordination, and for using excessive force.
A Hartsville police officer was arrested for threatening the lives of a state senator and the chief of police.
City of Rock Hill’s unconstitutional resisting/interfering law comes under fire from the NAACP:

But the head of Rock Hill’s NAACP claims police are using the law to unfairly arrest black men for either walking down the street or not answering when police order them to “stop.”
“Their only crime is being black,” Poole told Rock Hill City Council earlier this month. “This has got to stop.”
Statistics released last week show that more than 75 percent of the people charged with resisting police in the last 12 months are black. Of the 130 people arrested during the period, 99 were African American.

The statue says that “No person shall oppose, resist or interfere with any police officer in the discharge of the police officer’s official duties.” This type of statute is fairly common, and the United States Supreme Court as well as the South Carolina Supreme Court have held repeatedly that any statute that criminalizes verbal conduct, other than that which arises to the level of fighting words, violates the First Amendment. Both Supreme Courts have also repeatedly stated that this especially applies to police officers, who are expected to take a certain amount of verbal abuse in their line of work and who are expected to have a thicker skin than the average citizen.
As the U.S. Supreme Court stated in City of Houston v. Hill: “the freedom of individuals to verbally oppose police action without risking arrest is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state.”
H/T Injustice Newsfeed

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