S.C. police misconduct update

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Deputy Dale Perdue was fired and charged with burglary third degree, petit larceny, and misconduct in office after allegedly stealing construction materials from a home, while in his patrol car.
A Seneca, S.C. police captain was demoted and several other officers left employment as a result of sexual harassment allegations brought by a female Seneca police officer.
Seneca Police Department is refusing to release the names of the individuals involved in the above incident in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act, and a local television station has filed suit under FOIA. Police Chief John Covington says, “We believe the release of information concerning former employees is not a matter of legitimate public or general interest and would constitute an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy.”
Orangeburg Department of Public Safety settles an excessive force claim for an undisclosed sum.
Horry County police tase a middle school teacher who demanded to know why their car was stopped and their tags checked. Whether this was police misconduct, teacher misconduct, or both is subject to interpretation I suppose.
H/T Injustice Newsfeed, and emails from readers.

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