S.C. police misconduct update

FITS News has published a memo detailing S.C. Highway Patrol’s quota system, outlining monthly “goals” that troopers are expected to achieve (a specific number of each type of ticket).
An Orangeburg County deputy has been fired after the Sheriff requested that SLED investigate him for unspecified criminal conduct.
A Fairfield County deputy has been arrested and charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent for misappropriating guns, ammo, and biohazard equipment.
A Sumter police officer has been suspended after allegations that he punched his estranged wife in the face. The article says SLED is investigating, but it does not look like the officer has been charged with a crime at this point.
Horry County’s legislative delegation has asked SLED to investigate the Horry County Police Department, after receiving a letter with allegations of misconduct including destruction of and theft of evidence, and misuse of county vehicles.
H/T Injustice Newsfeed

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