S.C. Police Misconduct Update

Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker has been suspended by the governor after he was indicted on misconduct charges, including allegations that he allowed two inmates, who were serving sentences, one for arson and the other for drug trafficking, to go shopping, wear civilian clothing, sleep unsupervised in the armory, drive county vehicles, “host dinner parties in the armory,” eat at restaurants, and to possess TVs, clothes, drugs, alcohol, photo ID, refrigerator, grill, iPad, personal computer and other items, in exchange for doing work at the Sheriff’s home and at the detention center.

Abbeville County Sheriff Charles Goodwin resigned in January after he was indicted on allegations that he took cash kickbacks and used an inmate for unauthorized private work.

A S.C. DNR colonel was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence.

A Monck’s Corner police officer was arrested and charged with 20 counts of child pornography.

A S.C. Dept. of Public Safety dispatcher in Florence was arrested and charged with identity fraud, after allegedly using information obtained from his job to commit the crimes.

A Columbia police officer was charged with DUI in his patrol car while on-duty, following a crash while responding to an emergency call.

A jury in Florence awarded $125,068 against Sheriff Kenny Boone for slandering a former employee who did not support his campaign.

A Greer police officer was charged with public disorderly conduct after a bar fight in Spartanburg.

A Hampton County sheriff’s deputy was charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor, lewd act on a minor, and misconduct in office, following allegations that he abused a child while working as a school resource officer.

The former S.C. State University police chief pled guilty in federal court to accepting kickbacks.

A Greenville County sheriff’s deputy was arrested and charged with misconduct in office and obstruction of justice, following allegations that he began a physical relationship with and provided information to a woman he was supposed to be serving warrants on.

A Blackville police officer was arrested and charged with DUI.

S.C. Highway Patrol Trooper arrests woman and her husband for accusing him of racial profiling.

An Horry County school teacher and former police officer was charged with second and third degree assault and battery at a North Myrtle Beach Walmart.

According to WMBF, all four republican candidates for Sheriff in Oconee County last year were accused of wrongdoing, then all four were taken off the ballot for faulty paperwork.

A former Georgetown County sheriff’s lieutenant was wanted for robbery of a pharmacy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and attempted robbery of a second pharmacy.  He was turned in by his wife, a Sante Fe District Attorney, who saw and recognized him on a television news broadcast.

S.C. Dept. of Public Safety’s internal affairs chief was fired for “conduct unbecoming of a state employee” after refusing to submit to field sobriety tests when stopped for suspicion of DUI by a state trooper.

An assistant solicitor in Kershaw County resigned after allegations that he tried to start a fight at 5:00 am at a person’s home last Thanksgiving, and that he gave special treatment to a female friend who was charged with DUI second offense, driving her to the  jail, walking her through the booking procedure, and getting a special bond for her.  As far as I can tell, no disciplinary proceedings were filed and he was not charged with anything as a result.

N.C. Deputy resigns following road rage incident in his patrol car in Summerville, S.C.:

North Charleston police chase and crash into a vehicle that matched the description of a suspect who had used fake money:


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