S.C. Police Misconduct Update

A Winnsboro police officer who allegedly shot his wife in front of their children and then went on the run was found and then shot himself in the chest in Great Falls, S.C.

A former Colleton County Sheriff’s deputy pled guilty in federal court to tipping off a drug dealer about a pending investigation and lying to federal agents about it; the conversation between the deputy and the dealer was caught on a wiretap.

A man died in Walhalla during a police chase – although the officer was close enough that he slammed into the man’s car when the driver hit the brakes, “[a]uthorities say the officer followed Phillips but wasn’t chasing him, instead waiting on help from county and state authorities. Phillips struck an embankment and overturned.”

Another man died in Bonneau when his car crashed during a chase by the St. Stephen police.

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  • Dear [Universal Soldier],It is now 3 am, and I am so tired I can’t concentrate any loengr. I read several pages, and decided I would print the entire blog for keeping as well as to read later in the morning. I am trying to organize in my mind, that is so taken up with what is happening and how to better reach people with the news of what is happening, and the Good News about how to live Forever with our Saviour. I desperately need to take care of some housekeeping chores, but that always takes second, third, or whatever place. I used to be a perfectionist, but that ended a while back.Thank you for writing to me. I love your style of writing. If things were normal, and your writing reflected normality, i would happily devour every word. Now, I read your words and feel an ache so deep for all the young people (my three grandchildren, and one adopted grandson, a bi-racial, drug baby that had to be rocked for hours and days after he was born, to bring him off the drug high. These children, and the millions more that won’t have the chance to grow up in a free America as we did.You mentioned at one point that you are older than I am, and I think you are wrong. I am 66 years old. I was nearly killed in a car accident two weeks before my 16th birthday. I had a severe concussion, and the right side of my body was broken or ripped out of their proper places. The left side of my body had some similar injuries, but not as widespread. Needless to say, arthritis set in in my late teens all over. I kept active and ignored the youthful arthritis, but now I can’t ignore it. I’ve had several surgeries, which hasn’t helped. I should, but I don’t use a wheelchair. I am in excruciating pain most of the time, but I don’t take any drugs. That’s the reason I probably will take my life when the SHTF. They would kill me anyway. I will hang in as long as there is an inkling of hope, and do all I can for others.God bless you Brother [Universal Soldier],You are my Knight in Shining Armor for battle Alpha

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