Myrtle Beach police officer charged with domestic violence

A Myrtle Beach police officer was charged with CDV/ criminal domestic violence last week. It may come as a surprise to some, who believe in the infallibility of those who work for law enforcement agencies, that police officers are human beings – the thing that separates them from other citizens is a uniform, a badge, and the authority that we have vested in them. The article linked to illustrates this, as it tells a story of allegations similar to many domestic violence cases – if the allegations are true, the couple were drinking, they argued, it got physical, he held her down and tried to stop her from calling the police.
When the police arrived, the off-duty officer told the responding officers that she hit herself in the face. She told them that she did not want him to be arrested or prosecuted. They arrested him anyway.

The woman told police [the officer] held her arms down, refused to let her call 911 and punched her twice in the face, according to the report. The woman also complained of pain in her right ear and said [the officer] had hit her several times there.
The woman told police she scratched [the officer] in the face to get him off of her and this was the first physical altercation she has had with him, according to the report. The officer who responded to the incident wrote in his report that the woman had numerous wounds, but she refused medical treatment.
[the officer] told the officers that the woman struck herself in the face and he tried not to argue with the woman, according to the report. The woman told police she did not want [the officer] to be arrested.

To their credit, the responding officers made the arrest anyway – I have a problem with many arrests that are made when there is no physical evidence of CDV and the peace has been restored, but when there are physical injuries I do think the suspect should be arrested. Whether he or she is convicted later is another question.

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