Marion, S.C. police officer indicted on theft allegations

Former Marion City Police Officer Farmer Blue has been indicted for misconduct in office, following allegations that he took money from a woman and kept it for himself.  H/T the brand new National Police Misconduct Reporting Project – which was formerly operated along with the Injustice Newsfeed by Packrat, but it has now been taken over by the Cato Institute.

Lt. Farmer Blue was involved in a scandal in 2010 as well, along with Lt. Betty Gause and officer Tyrone Reed.  A woman was involved in a car accident that officer Tyrone Reed responded to, and according to the woman, Reed showed up at her house later that day and raped her.  The woman’s boyfriend called the police and reported the rape, but instead of calling SLED or another outside agency to investigate, Lt. Farmer Blue and Lt. Betty Gause, from the same police department, arrived to investigate.  They read her Miranda rights to her, and, according to the woman, attempted to force her to recant the rape allegation, resulting in a written statement that concluded “Though I didn’t agree or consent to it (it) was not rape.”

When her boyfriend called the police to report the assault by a member of their force, the responding officers, Lt. Farmer Blue and Lt. Betty Gause, treated her like a criminal, reading her Miranda rights and threatening to have her arrested if she didn’t recant her charge. They told her she could land in jail for five years otherwise and wouldn’t it be hard to be away from her four-year-old daughter for that long. Refusing to say she had given consent, the victim was nonetheless pressured into writing that the incident was not rape, resulting in the nonsensical sentence quoted above. . . .

Blue and Gause were also quoted by the victim as saying she didn’t “look like a rape victim,” and “you don’t have a case because rape victims be balled up in a corner or scared to talk.” Always lovely to hear from people who have no idea what they’re talking about making assumption about how a rape victim “should” act. Lisa Hyatt of the Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault, on the other hand, says that they have worked with the victim since the attack and that she shows classic post-traumatic symptoms associate with a rape.

Farmer Blue, as the department’s spokesman, went on to tell the media that, although there was initially a rape allegation, the woman had recanted her statement.  Tyrone Reed was temporarily suspended during the investigation, but he was never charged and was reinstated earlier this year.

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