Lexington County Solicitor Donnie Myers stopped for DUI again

He was stopped for DUI, and the narrative in the article, taken from the video, reads like a typical incident report in a DUI case, but the trooper only charged him with open container.  The trooper says Myers was driving down the middle of the road; Myers says he had a few drinks, he explains to the trooper he can’t do the field sobriety tests because he has had back and shoulder surgeries.  Oh, and there is the cup with alcohol in it in the car.

Myers tells the officer it’s just some scotch that state Sen. Jake Knotts left in the car (Sen. Knotts denies the alcohol was his and says it is clear from the video that Myers was joking about that).  When a woman pulls up behind the trooper’s patrol car, Myers says that is his girlfriend, and she left the alcohol in his car.

It appears from the article that the trooper did not offer Myers a breath test, and instead just charged him with the open container.

Myers has been the solicitor in Lexington County since 1976, and I believe he usually runs unopposed.  In 2005 he was charged with DUI in Asheville, N.C., in a county owned car while at a solicitor’s conference, blew a .11, and was put on probation for one year.

DUI is a charge that can happen to anyone, I get that.  But this guy has been prosecuting cases, prosecuting DUI’s, enforcing the state’s laws, prosecuting death penalty cases and killing on behalf of the state, since 1976.  Maybe he commits no other crime than driving drunk and keeping open containers of alcohol in his car, but it is not an isolated incident.  He should be held to a higher standard, and law enforcement should not be enabling him to break the same laws that he convicts others of.

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