When good men (and women) do nothing . . .

A Sheriff’s deputy in Denver, Colorado assaulted an inmate in the courtroom on video in 2012.  The video clearly shows that the man is speaking to the judge when Sheriff’s Deputy Brady Lovingier becomes annoyed, touches the inmate on the shoulder, and then grabs the inmate and slams him into a window.  There was no provocation, the inmate was not being unruly, and the deputy is not acting in self-defense.

Lovingier was not arrested or charged with the assault, but was suspended for 30 days, and is apparently still employed with the sheriff’s department.

I’ve become desensitized to violence by law enforcement – it’s widespread, it’s rarely punished, and most people will say it’s an isolated incident, despite the increasing proliferation of videos showing gratuitous violence by law enforcement officers.  I usually pass over most police misconduct or brutality topics, unless they are local.  What struck me in this case is how Judge Doris Burd sits and watches the assault, does nothing, and says nothing.  Another female in the courtroom says “Ooh lala” after the assault.

Googling the judge’s name turns up nothing negative.  Maybe the judge does a wonderful job and is well respected in Denver, Colorado.  She also sat and watched as armed government agents brutally attacked a man in her courtroom, a man whose hands were cuffed in front of him.

She watched, and she did nothing:

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