Sources for stories, myths, and fables

I’ve been meaning to look for good collections of stories and myths to read, in the search for better ways to express ideas and to communicate with jurors.  I’ve been putting it off for years, until last week I discovered the IBooks app on my IPad.  In the IBooks store I ran searches for “myths,” “fables,” “parables,” and “story collections,” and I’ve already found and downloaded 46 free collections of stories, myths, and fables from different cultures across the world.  These are only the free to download books, and there are many more that cost no more than a few dollars.

I can’t vouch for their quality as I haven’t read them yet, but I am excited for what I’ve found so far.  I am hesitant to spend money on the other collections that are available – if anyone has suggestions for collections that are worth paying for, please share.

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  • Eileen Sembrot
    7 years ago

    Hi Mr. Frederick,

    I posted on your blog a few weeks ago about Bernard Bailey’s murder by a Eutawville cop back in May, 2011. Are you familiar with the case?

    Eileen Sembrot

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