Frederick Defense Firm’s Florence office is now open

I’ve opened a second office in Florence, S.C. It will not be fully staffed at first, and is more or less a place to meet with my Florence clients and a place to hang my hat when I am trying cases in Florence. I need to update the website with the new information, but I am procrastinating. I’ll get around to it in the next day or two. In the meantime, the number is 843-665-7709, and the location is 215-B Pine Street, next to the old Florence County Library. Only a few blocks from the city-county complex, magistrate and municipal courts, General Sessions, and the Federal Courthouse.
Why open a Florence office? A few reasons – one is because I get a good many calls from people who are facing criminal charges in Florence, and I cannot expect them to drive to the Myrtle Beach office to meet with me. Another reason is because, although Myrtle Beach is now my home, Florence is my hometown, and it just feels right to have an office in my hometown. Also I plan on doing more federal criminal defense in the future, and Florence is the nearest Federal Courthouse.

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