Atlantic Beach mayor arrested again

Retha Pierce was arrested for DUI Sunday night in Conway, S.C. Although she had prescription drugs on her, her breathalyzer result was 0.00. According to the article, she refused a urinalysis because they would not allow her to retain half of the sample to be tested by an independent lab (not the way it’s done, but doesn’t sound like an unreasonable request under the circumstances).
Ms. Pierce seems to be a magnet for police – the question is whether her actions attract them or whether she is a victim of police harassment.
“[Horry County police] are lying again as usual,” said Pierce.
“This is Horry County trying to take care of Retha Pierce. I was on my way from church and they put me in jail overnight. Talking about a DUI, knowing I don’t drink,” Pierce went on to say . . .
“[Horry County police] are always setting me up in this county and always trying to make Atlantic Beach look in a negative light. But thank GOD he knows the full truth here,” Pierce said.”

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