S.C. House passes a bill allowing CWP holders to carry in bars and restaurants

This is just a good idea.  The bill still has to pass the Senate, but it should be a no-brainer.  Currently, the CWP law includes any establishment that serves alcohol on the list of places you cannot carry a concealed weapon.  The idea is that if you are drinking and your judgement is impaired, you should not be carrying a gun.

The problem is that it contains no exception for the responsible CWP holder that is not drinking – if you carry a concealed weapon but you go into a restaurant to eat dinner with your family, you must leave your weapon in your car.  In an establishment that serves alcohol, where people are likely to be found whose judgement is impaired, the likelihood of a CWP holder needing to defend himself or his family or others is increased, but they cannot carry under the current law.

The vote in the House was 90-5.  According to scnow.com, “Rep. Terry Alexander, D-Florence, says he’s against the whole idea of people being allowed to carry concealed weapons. ‘Just the idea that someone can carry a gun on a restaurant’s property, go in and get drunk and have the gun right there in front of them . . .'”  Alexander should read the bill again – the idea is you cannot carry a weapon if you have had anything to drink, but the bill fixes the problem under the current law, allowing CWP holders who are not drinking to carry a weapon if they are doing so responsibly.


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