The wonder of a child

I just finished spending two wonderful days with my 3 year old son – I am more and more amazed every day at the beauty of this child.  It was Christmas – he got a toy piano, a castle, dragons, and a little toolbox with plastic tools that he is now using to fix anything and everything.  For two days, he did not whine, fuss, or do any of the “bad” things that we expect children to do.

He was nothing more than pure innocence, enjoying life and giving joy to every person he came into contact with.  His smile is always genuine and hides nothing.  He is full of wonder at the world, as it continues to show him new and magical things – the sort of things that we take for granted as we grow into adulthood.

We can learn so much from children – we can see a clean slate, without the worry, the fear, the depression and sadness that permeates so many people’s lives.  I am reminded of how I was when I first came into the world, and how we are meant to be as we experience life.  Thank you.

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.   – Heraclitus

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