the Real CSI

It’s taken a few months for me to get around to watching this; but it is definitely worth watching for any criminal defense lawyer or anyone interested in the criminal justice system.  A report by Frontline on PBS details recent revelations in the forensic evidence community – fingerprint evidence is not infallible, as government experts have testified for decades; other “scientific” evidence that is routinely admitted in our courts has no basis in science – bite mark analysis, “the smell of death” that was the focal point of the Casey Anthony trial, and more.

The report talks about how anyone can obtain a certification as an expert in forensic science by taking an examination and writing a check.  DNA evidence – the one area of forensic evidence that has been developed by scientists as opposed to law enforcement, and which has been peer reviewed and proven as a true science – has been instrumental in uncovering the mistakes made in the other, not so scientific, areas of forensic testimony, in many cases freeing wrongfully convicted persons from life sentences and even death row.


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