Mother arrested for cheering too loudly at South Florence HS graduation

Seems like I remember this happening last year, too – 3 parents were arrested at South Florence High School’s graduation ceremony for cheering too loudly as their child received their diploma:

Florence Police Chief Anson Shells said people attending the ceremony had been warned to behave during commencement ceremonies. If they failed to do so, they would be escorted out, he said.

“The school district made an announcement and sent out letters to all of the parents for everyone to be as orderly as they can during the ceremony and so on and so forth,” Shells told  “That was the rule.”

Congrats to Florence City police and South Florence High School for turning one of the proudest moments in the life of a parent and their child into a nightmare.  I don’t know how loud the parents were, and you can’t get a feel for exactly what happened from reading a news report, but I have no doubt that a bit of patience and understanding on the part of the gestapo and school officials would have gone a long way.

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