State representative charged with DUI and illegal weapon

S.C. Rep. Ted Vick was arrested early this morning and charged with driving under the influence and having a gun in his pocket without a valid concealed weapon permit.

A unnamed female USC student was in Vick’s car, but she was not charged in the incident. The two had met at Delaney’s Pub in Five Points where they had a few drinks, the police report said. The two then continued drinking at Jake’s Bar and Grill. Vick had offered to give the girl a ride home, the report said.

Vick, who is married with two daughters, also is a lieutenant colonel in the S.C. Army National Guard and a minister, according to his campaign website.

Apparently they didn’t find the gun in Vick’s front pocket until they got to the detention center.  This publicity is probably the worst thing that could happen to him right now, with elections around the corner – even if he is found not guilty, even if he is actually not guilty, the timing could not be worse.

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