SFST and DRE training manuals

Thanks to Jon Katz and Bryan Brown, the 2013 edition of NHTSA’s training manual is now available online, and can be downloaded here: SFST Participant 2013 .  In 2010 I completed the same three day DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Test course taken by law enforcement officers – I recommend doing this for any attorney who does even a small amount of DUI defense.  Further, being familiar with and having copies of the NHTSA training manuals can be critical for impeachment of the officer who conducted the FST’s.

Other SFST and DRE training manuals:

SFST Participant 2013

SFST Student 2006

SFST Instructor 2006

ARIDE Participant 2013

ARIDE Instructor 2013 Part 1

ARIDE Instructor 2013 Part 2

Drugs Participant 2006

Drugs Instructor 2006

Drugged Driving Participant 2006

Drugged Driving Instructor 2006

DRE Pre-School Participant 2013

DRE Pre School Student 2011

DRE Pre School Instructor 2011

DRE 7 Day Participant 2011

DRE 7 Day Instructor 2011 Part 1

DRE 7 Day Instructor 2011 Part 2

The Washington State Patrol’s website has additional manuals and forms that can be downloaded.



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