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MADD is a money-making machine.  Looking at their financial statement for 2010-2011, total income for one year was $40,309,411 and their assets totaled $24,124,298, which included $7,788,683 in cash and $11,434,482 in investments.  $9,980,269 of their revenue stream came from government programs.  $17,408,072 was spent on salaries and benefits for employees.

MADD received a “D” rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy (charity watch) this year, and Charity Navigator gave them 1 out of 4 stars, with a score of 26.28 out of 70 for their financial practices.  According to Charity Navigator, $11,683,626 of MADD’s yearly revenue was spent on fundraising activities.

According to David J. Hanson at, MADD’s operation in Canada claims that 86.3% of it’s donations go to support its programs, but an investigative report done by the Toronto-Star in 2006 found that MADD was cooking its books, counting “payments to professional fundraisers as charitable work, claiming they educate potential donors as they make their pitch.”  Based on reports obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate, which regulates charities, only 19% of donations were actually spent on programs and services.

Dr. Hanson’s website outlines more of the problems facing MADD, including how the organization has become neo-prohibitionist, MADD’s use of junk science to promote it’s agenda, MADD’s focus on money and fund-raising, and MADD’s disregard for constitutional rights.

2 Responses to “MADD Money

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving stopped being about Driving when they began demanding things like stricter enforcement of drinking age laws and keg registration, and they stopped being about Drunk when they began demanding stricter enforcement of seat belt laws and special licenses for young drivers. (For the sake of completeness, they abandoned the Mothers part of their name when they picked a man as president in 2005.)

    Today, much of MADD’s activity is as a “victims services” organization, receiving Victims of Crime Act grants to provide counseling services to victims of drunk driving or surviving family members, including helping to write victim impact statements. A substantial portion of MADD’s fundraising consists of lobbying the government to give even more money to MADD. Heck, in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, their contribution to the relief effort was to ask for money to help their own New Orleans employees.

  • Why where motor vehicle offenses excluded from the new south carolina expungement law? It goes against the spirit of the law. I’m sure there are thousands of first time DUI Offenders with general misdemeanors. This law was supposed to help them, but does nothing, and leaves them with crminal records forever, even tough they hurt no one and damaged no property.

    Is this exception to the expungement rule even constitutional?

    It really needs to be changed. Throw MADD a bone in the bill that changes it by stiffening the fines on first time and repeat offenders.

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