Datamaster Certified DUI Defense Lawyer in Columbia, Lexington, and Myrtle Beach SC

Attorneys are required to attend continuing legal education (CLE) programs for so many hours each year, but continuing education is especially important in the field of DUI defense.

Standardized field sobriety tests and DUI detection, how the breathalyzer – Datamaster machine in SC – works (and doesn’t work), trial practice, motions practice, and the ever-changing DUI laws and opinions interpreting them are just a few areas that DUI defense lawyers in SC must keep up with.

Last weekend I had a blast learning about the Datamaster and the science of alcohol breath testing with fellow DUI defense lawyers in Charleston SC, including:

  • The theory and science of evidentiary breath testing;
  • The effect of alcohol on human physiology;
  • The theory and operation of infrared breath alcohol testing; and
  • Field and laboratory applications for the Datamaster machine.

SC DUI defense lawyers in Columbia, Lexington, Myrtle Beach

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