Troy Davis executed

Troy Davis was killed at 11:08 PM last night. He was murdered by justices of the United States Supreme Court, by state and federal judges, by prosecutors, by witnesses who claimed that he committed a murder only to later recant their testimony, by the employees of the State of Georgia who carried out the execution, and others – a vast conspiracy to commit murder when you pause to consider the scope of it. Many bloggers and opinion writers state that Troy Davis was murdered by the State of Georgia – you can say that if you like. But saying “the State of Georgia” committed a murder really just spreads the blame, giving them a shield of a non-living construct, a “state,” to use as a shield. He was murdered by people, and a lot of them.

Amnesty International condemned the execution in a statement. “The U.S. justice system was shaken to its core as Georgia executed a person who may well be innocent. Killing a man under this enormous cloud of doubt is horrific and amounts to a catastrophic failure of the justice system,” Amnesty said.

Seven out of nine witnesses from his trial have recanted, a federal judge has stated that the testimony of a jailhouse snitch, who testified that Davis confessed, was “patently false,” ballistics evidence that was used against him at trial has been called into question, and in his last days he was denied the opportunity to take a polygraph examination. He was accused of killing a police officer, and the pressure that law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts are under to bring someone to justice in such a case is undeniable.
The prosecutor who killed him, the victim’s family, and others still publicly support the conviction and the death penalty.
Maybe Davis was guilty, and seven out of nine witnesses are lying now as opposed to then. Maybe he is innocent. It appears that, as a society, we don’t really care.

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