More on Governor Perry’s derailing of the Willingham investigation

Texas Governor Rick Perry replaced three members of a panel which was investigating Cameron Todd Willingham’s 2004 execution for the murder of his family by arson. Why are people saying this is a cover up?
Perry had denied a last minute appeal which had included a report by an arson expert debunking the junk science used to convict Willingham.
– Perry is running for re-election in 2010, and now has the uncomfortable distinction of being labeled the governor who allowed his state to execute an innocent man without lifting a finger to stop it.
– The replacements were made within 48 hours of a critical presentation which was to be made by arson expert Craig Beyler, who had been retained by the panel to assist in the investigation.
– The chairman of the committee was replaced by Williamson County district attorney John M. Bradley, a political ally of the governor, who immediately canceled Beyler’s presentation.
– The governor was told by the committee that replacing the members now would disrupt the work that they had done on this case.
– According to, the governor’s office worked hard to kill funding for the commission during the last legislative sesssion.
– If the commission had gone forward as planned, the final report may have been released in the middle of the governor’s primary.
– Despite the new evidence by at least three forensic experts concluding that there was no evidence of arson, the governor’s position is to say that there was overwhelming evidence of guilt and that he agrees with the decision of the courts.

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