Horry County Solicitor receives award for killing defendants

Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Greg Hembree’s office says the prosecutor recently received an award from the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation at the group’s annual meeting in Miami.

Hembree was recognized for his prosecution of several high-profile death penalty cases, including the conviction of Stephen Stanko.

4 Responses to “Horry County Solicitor receives award for killing defendants

  • Thats great but his deputy solicitor was reprimanded three time by The S.C. Supreme Court and Suspended from practicing law by the Supreme Court for Misconduct. He has a reputation of unethical conduct and continues to push the boundries of ethical behavior and the rules of professional conduct. If one decides to plead not guilty, their charges are changed, or they someone don’t get notified to appear for court and a bench warrant is issued. Faced with loosing their homes and jobs, most defendants plead guilty. I worked in that courthouse for over 20 years and am not proud of any conviction. Those found guilty by a jury, I might give him credit for, but most other plead guilty due to intimidation and strong arm tactics.

  • I need to correct one factual detail; although there was a suspension of one year, the bar website shows only one disciplinary action, not three. Ethics professors now teach from this disciplinary opinion in law school.
    Would that prosecutors could consistently live up to our expectations.

  • A. Ingram
    9 years ago

    I am concerned about the consideration to charge Christian Helms as an adult. From all I have been able to learn from members of his family and friends, this child is just that — a child. What he did was certainly not right, but there were circumstances involving his treatment by other school kids that should be carefully considered before making such a charge.

  • Christian Helms never should have been tried as an adult. First, it seemed as though the case was based on what COULD HAVE happened and NOT what actually DID happen. I believe this happened because the prosecution was allowed to use and present Christian’s journals. Yes, those journals show a dark and twisted thinking process, but who’s journals aren’t filled with their deepest, darkest secrets?!?! A young girl may keep her journal filled of sexual thoughts of a teacher but does that mean she’s going to ACTUALLY rip the teacher’s clothes off, no! Same with Christian. His journals said one thing but he did another! Yes, he brought a gun to school and yes he brought pipe bombs to school but he had ALL day to do some serious killings but he NEVER did. He kept his weapons in his book bag and waited til 2 p.m. to go to Karney’s office. I believe he went to his office for help. The ONLY two people that know what happened in that office is one adult who saw a gun and panicked and one child who needed help. We will NEVER know the true intentions. But Christian should have been prosecuted for what happened. I won’t go on to what will happen to this child in prison.

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