Win Your Case

In Win Your Case, Gerry Spence describes his approach to trying cases, and essentially lays out the method that is shared at Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming.   He begins with the importance of self-discovery, a lifelong process that we ignore at the peril of ourselves and our clients – as Uncle Slim said, “ya can’t get nowhere with a thousand dollar saddle on a ten dollar horse.”

Spence talks about the importance of story, of credibility, of working on yourself, knowing who you are, and just being yourself when you are in front of the jury – discovering the story through the use of psychodrama, telling the client’s story in opening, direct, cross, and closing argument.  There are a thousands books out there on trial practice, and programs that teach trial advocacy – this book goes beyond technique and suggests what we can do with those skills once we have them.  Any trial lawyer who cares about his or her clients should read this book; I can’t recommend it enough.

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