YLD volunteer prosecutors

Recently, I’ve been receiving emails from the Young Lawyers Division asking me to volunteer as a special pro bono prosecutor in criminal domestic violence cases. This program is the brain child of our Attorney General, Henry McMaster, and is designed to increase conviction rates in criminal domestic violence cases.
The problem with this program is it isn’t designed to seek justice, truth, or fairness. It’s designed to increase convictions. Prosecutors have a duty to examine cases and look for the truth in the situation. I don’t know what the training is like for these special pro bono prosecutors, but I imagine that what little they have focuses not on finding truth and seeking justice, but on winning and getting convictions.
No similar program exists for people wrongly charged with criminal domestic violence. Our legal system is supposed to have a framework of innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately for people wrongly accused, programs like this one push the burden to the defendant to hire a defense attorney to seek the truth and justice forgotten by the prosecutors.

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  • Glen Head Jr.
    9 years ago

    concerned father. my son was arrested,accused of cdv. he served 24 days in berkeley county jail. while incarcerated he filed for a public defender,his max fine was imposed for first offense @ 2500$+ or 30 days. in the mean time court date arrives and no defense lawyer contacted him . i,his father scrapted money together to post bond after 24days in jail . local municipal judge gives him PTI and he take offer not knowing what to do at only 19yrs. old and not knowing the legal procedures, maybe i neither, butisnt there a 2/3s injustice here, let alone on legal representation?

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