CASA loses funding, shuts down temporarily

CASA is now reporting that they have closed their Myrtle Beach safehouse, due to funding agencies pulling their support as a result of the SLED investigation into their mismanagement of funds.  Sissy Rutherford, the board’s chair, says that they closed two safehouses and that they are $10,000 short of paying their staff’s wages and their utility bills.

For the record – I recognize that domestic violence is a real issue and that there are people who need help to escape it.  “JH” posted a comment on last week’s post about CASA’s mismanagement of funds that included a hotline number for people who need help.  Here it is: “Please call 1-800-799-SAFE if you are a victim in need of assistance.”  The rest of the comment was a knee-jerk flame that didn’t warrant a response or my permission to publish it on my blog.

The 800 number is to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  The S.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault also has a webpage listing resources for domestic violence victims statewide.

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  • Myrtle Beach`
    8 years ago

    This is really not good news at all. Where will the beneficiaries seeking shelter at those safehouses go to? Well, those that are responsible for mismanaging funds at CASA have really messed the lives of people that were benefiting from the program besides denting the image of this agency.

  • The article says that the current residents were taken to other shelters. CASA has huge support not only from government agencies but from the community – I imagine they will get back up and running, but it sounds like they need a serious overhaul in their operations/management.

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