Baltimore judge marries Defendant and Victim in the middle of trial

A Baltimore judge performed a marriage ceremony for the Defendant in a criminal domestic violence case, during trial, so that the victim could claim spousal immunity. “Judge Darrell Russell Jr., the Baltimore County District Court judge assigned to the non-jury trial, performed the wedding ceremony in his chambers for defendant Frederick Wood and his girlfriend.”
According to the article, the judge stopped the trial, sent the two to get their marriage license, and then married them in chambers when they got back. They resumed the trial, the new wife claimed spousal privilege, and the defendant was found not guilty. Following the trial, the judge proclaims:
“Mr. Wood, I found you not guilty, so I can’t sentence you as a defendant in any crimes … but earlier today, I sentenced you to life married to her.”
The judge has, at least temporarily, been “reassigned to chambers,” meaning he will not be hearing cases while the matter is being reviewed.

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