California judge dismisses case after finding prosecutorial misconduct

A judge found that Deputy District Attorney Troy Benson lied under oath about a videotape that was not provided to the defense in a child molestation case, a case in which the alleged victim had also recanted prior to trial. After spending four years in prison, Augustin Uribe’s charges are dismissed and he has been released:

“Mr. Benson’s numerous acts of misconduct, culminating in his false testimony in this proceeding, strikes at the foundation of our legal system and is so grossly shocking and outrageous that it offends the universal sense of justice to allow prosecution in this matter to proceed,” Bryan said. “As such, defendant’s motion to dismiss on due process grounds is granted.”

4 Responses to “California judge dismisses case after finding prosecutorial misconduct

  • Mother of the Accused
    10 years ago

    A district attorney lied under oath? Shocking.

  • There is nothing as terrible and scary as corrupt prosecutors and corrupt cops. It must stop and punishment must be much more severe when they are caught.
    This D.A and creeps like . . . . need to be exposed as the criminals they are. Fraud and theft are felonies and these corrupt prosecutors are as bad as murderers in mamy ways.

  • Edited last comment to remove names.

  • I am a criminal attorney and I see DA’s cheat on nearly every case. The one I am starting tomorrow the prosecutor redacted the name of a police department in a police report so I could not contact the department. Luckely I figured it out.

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