Over time, I’m going to add some blog posts about books as I read them, in their own category on the sidebar – some I have already read and some are regular resources in my practice.  Some are about trial practice and some are about other things that figure in to trial practice.  Some may not be about trial practice at all, who knows.

I know when I first started out I was hungry for books to read that would help me in my practice, and I assume there are others who feel the same.  I am still hungry for books to read, although I have a sizeable stack that I haven’t found time for yet, and I’d love to hear feedback and suggestions from anyone.


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  • I am constantly trying to improve my legal writing. The two books I have used most are The Bluebook and The Winning Brief by Bryan A. Garner.

    The Blue Book is no thriller, but I find myself using it often. How can a judge take you seriously if you don’t even use proper citation?

    As to The Winning Brief, very good book that covers topics such as organizing, conveying thoughts, editing, etc. The Winning Brief has definitely made my writing less horrible.

    • I bought the winning brief but haven’t read it yet. It’s in a stack of books that I’ve been collecting over the past few years that I haven’t been able to get to yet. One day soon.

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