I think that I am going to combine trial theory and, here at  There has been an explosion of “marketing blogs” in the past couple of years, and most of them are on the same or similar platforms as the south carolina criminal defense blog.  More and more I am bothered by the association of my name and my blog with the stereotypical marketing blogs (link to article where someone was arrested and charged with a crime; talk about the crime they were charged with; talk about how great your law firm is and how you handle that type of criminal charge; call to action – if you have been charged with whatever, call my law firm now we can help).

I’m always pleased if someone reads my blog and then calls seeking representation.  It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while.  But, the primary reason for blogging, for me, is not to attract clients.  I want a platform to broadcast what I think and to get feedback from other attorneys.  I want an excuse to read appellate opinions and tear them apart, because it makes me a better attorney and a better advocate.  Whether people read my blog or not, I want to try to make a difference in the world, and specifically in South Carolina’s legal community.  I blog about whatever the hell I feel like blogging about, often without regard to what potential clients may think of the subject matter.

I’ve realized that I’m more comfortable having complete control over my own blog, which I don’t have when someone else is hosting the blog.  I want to be able to change the links, the theme, the add-ons, whenever I want and I don’t get that with a hosted weblog.

I haven’t had much free time to blog in the past few months, but I am working on getting back to normal.  I hope that the change in platform will help to motivate me as well.  Anyone have feedback before I make the plunge and cancel southcarolinacriminaldefenseblog?

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