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Just in case Google did not have the answer you were looking for, I am here to help.  Some search terms that brought people to trial theory in the last month:

charged under the yoa act expungement in 5 years: If you are sentenced under the Youthful Offender Act (it must be a statutorily non-violent crime and you must be 24 years old or younger), the conviction can be expunged from your record if there are no other convictions either before or after the YOA conviction, 5 years after completion of the sentence.  It used to be that you could have your record expunged if you qualified as a youthful offender even if you were not sentenced under the YOA, but the legislature made liars out of all of us when it changed the law to exclude everyone who was not specifically sentenced under the YOA.

statute of limitations in sc for cdv no contact violation:  I think what you’re asking is how long does the no contact provision of your bond last?  It lasts until your case is resolved – dismissed, pled guilty, trial, when there is no more case there is no more bond.  A common question that I get is can we get the no-contact provision removed, and the answer is almost always no – unless there are extreme circumstances, most judges will not agree to lifting the no contact provision.

if someone is convicted of cdv in south carolina can they own a gun:  the answer is no, anywhere in the United States.  Federal law prohibits owning a gun if you have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence, which is defined broadly as an assault on a family member – technically, if you “plead down” to a simple assault, it is still domestic violence if the alleged victim was a family member.

the horry county cdv court:  don’t go there.  Request a jury trial now, and your case will be moved to the Horry County Central Jury Court.  A much better place to be.

why should the police be required to advise suspects of their fifth amendment rights when police are not required to advise people who consent to searches that they need not give consent? A very good question.

melina benninghoff: Here.  

how do defense attorneys collect fees: There are some out there who will take payments.  Most charge flat fees paid in advance before any work is done.

court room sex video:  I am amazed that someone actually was googling this.  Apparently there are some out there.

subpoena mailed in s.c. for a criminal case:  It’s proper service in a magistrate court case but not circuit court.  And only if it is in S.C. – if a prosecutor mails a subpoena to an out of state witness (there is one former prosecutor in Horry County that did this routinely and then would threaten the witness saying that the sheriff would deliver them to the courthouse in cuffs if they did not appear) it is an illegal subpoena.

after pti for cdv will i be able to own a gun:  Yes.  If you complete PTI the charge is expunged from your record.

chicken revolution!:  a wonderful blend of public defender revolution and trial chicken

how to get a cdv expunged in south carolina:  Get it dismissed, win it at trial, go through pre-trial diversion, or wait five years after your conviction if you don’t have anything else on your record.

smell of alcohol alone not enough for dui south carolina:  Tell that to the Highway Patrol, please.

what are police doing to make sure they don’t have a wrongful conviction:  Arresting the right person.  Every time.

is it in the best interest to have a jury trial i am innocent:  If you have been wrongfully accused, do not plead guilty.  Get an attorney and follow their advice, but do not admit to something you did not do to avoid a trial.

stolen motorcycle rock hill s.c. court 2009:  You may be looking for this.  I don’t know.

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  • Brown Man
    8 years ago

    Laypersons have to use google quite frequently. Google provides almost a whole wide world out there. I have no experience with LexisNexis or any other tools designed for attorneys. Google is how I became aware of Trial Theory. There are a set of rules and consequences for one group and an entirely different set of rules and consequences for other folks. With people in existence, such as the Jean Toals of the world, communities get weaker. Number one problem in this country is people don’t take pride in their work. Why? Because of the money turning into bad money due to the lack of pride.

  • Chicken Revolution!

    I had been saving some of my favorite searches in order to do the exact same thing you just did (answer the questions in a post) mainly because the searches crack me up. “Why don’t we arm wrestle?” and “public defender tattoo” and “weary, worn out” and “chicken poop contest” and “guys trying on cockrings in public with the assistance of a few women”–all searches that have landed people on my site in the last few weeks. Now that’s some high-class stuff I’m putting out there :)

  • Love it. Public defender tattoo and chicken poop contest.

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