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Just in case Google did not have the answer you were looking for, I am here to help.  Some search terms that brought people to trial theory:

Joshua Karton:  Josh is an incredibly popular guy, and over the past month 16 people came to trial theory after searching online for information about him.  The answer to your question is:  Yes.  Josh rocks.  He is everything you ever hoped for and everything that you imagined.  And then some.  You should give him lots of money.  And trust him with your career.

sample opening statement defense civil:  Ladies and gentleman of the jury, my client, C-Corp International, is an upstanding citizen of this fine country.  The greedy, money hungry plaintiff who sits before you is not really hurt.  If they are, it’s their own fault.  Our many experts will tell you why.

define justice: I love that people find my blog with this search.  When I google “define justice” I don’t see my blog.  Anyway, there’s no easy answer, but you may start here.

what was the outcome of ex cottageville mayor bert reeves shooting investigation: there is no outcome, no news in over a year.  Apparently the buck stops with U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles.

how many points come off licence in sc for duac:  it’s not about points.  You lose your license.  SR-22.  ADSAP.  It’s DUI by another name.

josh karton:  see Joshua Karton, above.  That makes 19 people.

bobby frederick blog:  you found it.

cottageville police department:  It’s not a joke.  They store their criminals in old freezers.

victim as prosecutor: it’s called unauthorized practice of law, and carries up to 5 years in prison.

it’s a great day in south carolina:  Yes it is.

adam reposa day in court: that’s a blast from the past – over four years ago, I blogged about this.

expunging a felony forgery charge in sc: Only if you pled under the Youthful Offender Act, you have no other convictions before or after, and more than 5 years has passed since you completed your sentence, including probation.

when do jurors make up their minds: possibly before the end of opening statements.  Possibly before opening statements if law enforcement manages to get enough pre-trial publicity.

sc pro se prosecution:  If you are talking about a criminal prosecution, see victim as prosecutor above.

what changes must take place for the united states to follow suit and abolish the death penalty?  a very good question.  Open to suggestions.

cop bar myrtle beach:  I didn’t know we had one.  Please report back when you find it.

criminal justice rigged in georgetown sc: my dear reader.  It’s not just Georgetown, you know.

best color for jury trial:  I prefer shades of gray.  But, really, something that brings out your eyes.  Nice blues or greens.  Once, I watched a guy at a guilty plea who wore a bright pink suit with matching pink shoes.  It was very pretty, and he came out alright.

can you cross examine attorney:  That would be fun, wouldn’t it.  But seriously, no.  Unless you are the attorney for a PCR applicant.

if its you second dui, can you qualify for pti in south carolina, if didnt take the first time: Probably not.  Seriously, I just included this one because, well, just read it again.  Love it.

what trial lawyer in south carolina has the best trial record of not guilty in jury trials: I’d like to throw my hat in there and see how I rank.  But, unfortunately, there is no record of jury trial verdicts.  If there was, it wouldn’t be an accurate indicator of trial ability – some attorneys don’t hesitate to try a hopeless case; others refuse to try a case that is not a slam dunk.

was assualt and battery high agg nature s.c. always a felony:  No.  ABHAN under the old law was a 10 year misdemeanor.  ABHAN under the new law has different elements and now carries up to 20 years.

sex offenders south carolina have to be on the registry for life is not fair: For what it’s worth, I agree with you.  Call your legislator.

cdv and cwp in sc:  you cannot get a concealed weapons permit if you have a CDV conviction, or even assault and battery if the victim is a family member.  You not only cannot get a CWP, you cannot own a firearm.  And not just in SC – federal law prohibits it.  There are two ways to fix this – if there are no other convictions on your record, the CDV can be expunged after 5 years; or you can get a pardon, which restores your civil rights.

charges in sc for a minor possessing alcohol: it’s called “minor in possession of alcohol.”  Seriously.  They call it what it is.

south carolina lawyers who have been disciplined for having sex with clients: Lol.  I just find it hilarious that someone is searching for this.  There have been a few.

what is gerry spence doing? Probably enjoying a meal with his wife, reading a good book, or taking a meandering stroll through the countryside somewhere.  I could be wrong.

“40 miles” and “28 minutes”: what happens when an aggressive, adrenaline-pumped Lieutenant with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office gets a call that his fearless leader is in trouble on the other side of town.  Here’s the video.

how much is the fine for having sex on the myrtle beach: Are you trying to decide if it’s worth the risk?  The potential penalties are going to involve jail, not just a fine.  But, might still be worth it.  Please respond with pictures for a fully informed opinion.

fred harris myrtle beach:  he is here.  Keep looking.

bobby frederick myrtle beach: I am here, too.

kirk truslow: he’s here too.  And he has his own website.  Go there.

joshua karton communication arts for the professional: see Joshua Karton above.  That makes 20.

when i get fired if i file a class action lawsuit: you will need more plaintiffs than yourself.  If you are a public defender with an unmanageable case load, I like where you’re going with this.

sc police officers being charge with perjury:  not likely.

joe mccullcoh and dui:  you spelled his name wrong, but he’s one of the best.  Call him now.

i am ready for cross examination: congratulations.

what happens if by law uou have to arrest someone when called on domestic violence but there is no probable cause do you still have arrest the accused: it’s not by law.  It’s an unwritten policy that they will never admit to in a formal setting.  And what happens is you can get sued for false arrest and wrongful imprisonment.

cross examining children book:  I just love that this search brought you here.  See this post about the “story method” of cross examination.

is a victim a client for a prosecutor? This question was asked 10 different ways in multiple searches, which indicates that there is some confusion out there.  No.  The prosecutor’s client is the government, and when a prosecutor believes that their client is the alleged victim, their decision making becomes skewed.  A prosecutor is never an advocate for the alleged victim in a case – there are plaintiff’s lawyers who practice in civil court who fill that role.

prosecution themes, drug dealer: “Business, folks.  It’s about moving product and making money.”

what can i say at the end of an opening statement: Traditionally, you want to say something like, “at the end of this case you will agree with me that the only possible conclusion is that my client is not guilty.  Thank you for your time and patience here today.”  Next time, try something completely random, like “Boondoggle, get it right skippy!”  That will make them perk up and pay attention.

bar stool sex toy:  OMG.  I don’t know, try it.  Report back.

laura l. hiller: One hell of a criminal defense lawyer, conveniently located next door to my office.  Cornell University’s web directory had screwed up her address and number for a while, which explained why people kept calling my office asking for her.  I think that is fixed now.





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  • I don’t think I’ve ever skimmed any of your articles, I’ve always found them interesting, and more importantly, relevant and informative. I start law school this fall I’m a medically retired vet, just finished engineering school, and I’m masochistic enough to want to beat my head against the criminal justice system as a PD. The reason your blog is interesting to me is that every single case you write about has direct impacts on criminal law. You also explain these impacts in language even a monkey (me) can understand. So, not boring to me yet, keep it up!

    If you’re taking requests from non lawyers, I’d love to see any articles you might have on explaining the appellate court’s propensity for finding harmless error in even the most egregious casses of prosecutorial misconduct, through a process of mental acrobatics that I’m in awe over.

  • Thanks you. The worst prosecutorial misconduct/harmless error example recently was State v. Inman If disciplinary counsel took an interest in prosecutorial misconduct and imposed sanctions, I would accept that it is harmless error. But the appellate courts are in a position to do something about it and they continue to let it happen.

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