A blueprint for change

From Seth Godin’s Blog:


Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with.

And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes.

And the changes are what you become.

Change the outcome by changing your circle.

What a wonderful expression of how change happens in our lives, in terms of our outside influences.  I am reminded of some clients and others I know who struggle with addiction – I tell them over and over, you will not stay clean if you hang out with people who are using.  If you want to get clean and stay clean, you have to cut ties with everyone you know who uses drugs, at least for a while.  You have to find people who know how to stay clean, at your church or at a 12 step program, and make them your constant circle of friends.

If I want to be a successful trial lawyer I find successful trial lawyers, spend time with them, and learn from them.  When I went to Trial Lawyer’s College in Wyoming, I was exposed to the psychodramatic method (one “collision”) that led to further associations as I followed up on that concept by attending psychodrama workshops, which led to further changes not only in how I practice law and try cases, but in my personal well-being, empathy with those around me, and new circles of friends who continue to inspire me.

It is true that change comes from within, but we are constantly influenced by those around us and the situations we put ourselves in, and sometimes wonderful and unexpected changes result from putting ourselves in new environments.

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