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Jim Preacher, again

I’ve written about Jim Preacher, Norway’s mayor and former chief of police in Norway and Ehrhardt, S.C.  in the past, for example here where he made national news for getting a speeding ticket from a highway patrol officer and then putting on his own blue light,  pulling over the trooper, and scolding him for “interfering with a police officer.”

Preacher was cited for driving the city’s Dodge Charger 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

After he was given the ticket, the trooper’s dash cam video shows Preacher make a U-turn and turn his lights and sirens on to make a stop on the trooper.

Preacher asked the trooper for his license and told the trooper he was interfering with a police officer.

Preacher claims he was serving in his duties as village constable when he stopped the trooper.  He has since resigned his duties as Norway’s chief constable.

Now Preacher has been arrested, and charged by SLED with impersonating a police officer and misconduct in office.  According to SLED, Preacher is not a police officer after all, and his “law enforcement certification records show that his certification is “inactive” with the academy.”

The arrest warrants also allege that Preacher tried to make Norway’s town clerk pay him a salary as a police officer on top of his salary as mayor, without the approval of the city council, and that he hired his son to work at the town’s water treatment facility, also without the council’s approval.

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