S.C. Police Misconduct Update

A city of Rock Hill police officer was arrested and charged with DUI while driving his patrol car, in Fort Mill.

A city of Charleston police officer was also charged with DUI, while driving her patrol car in John’s Island.

The Lamar Police Chief has been charged with campaign finance violations by the S.C. Ethics Commission – the Attorney General’s Office will decide if criminal charges will follow.  The accusations stem from the police chief’s campaign activities when he ran for Darlington Sheriff in this year’s Democratic primary.

Myrtle Beach police officer Benjamin Wilson shoots and kills a local war veteran’s dog in a neighbor-dispute.  A neighbor says, “All [Wilson] had to do is escort the dog back. [Zeus] has never done anything to hurt anybody or close to doing anything to hurt anybody in our neighborhood.”  Wilson says that he shot the dog in self-defense, and no charges have been filed against him.

Camden’s former City attorney, who was charged with misconduct in office for dismissing cases in exchange for donations to the city’s “anti-drug fund,” pled guilty to the lesser charge of “contempt of court.”

A North Charleston police officer who shot himself and then lied, claiming that an unknown assailant had shot him, was charged with misconduct in office by SLED.

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